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Engaging Our Community

Having “The Talk” encourages humane end-of-life care

By Ned Stolzberg, MD
and Gobi Paramanandam, MD

It’s the conversation most patients want to have with their doctor but often are afraid to start.

Doctors may be just as reluctant to bring up the subject, even more so because of...

Hospice and palliative care, from conception to birth and beyond

By Pam Roman
Director of inpatient/pediatric services

Editor’s note: Hospice of the Valley is the only hospice in Arizona that provides pediatric and palliative care services. In this Q and A, Pam Roman, RN, describes the services, wh...

5 things to know about hospice care

By Debbie Shumway
Senior vice president
Hospice of the Valley

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care month. Here are five things to know about how hospice care has evolved since it was first established in this country...