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HOV Salutes

Salutes honoree Abraham Nooger with his medals.

HOV Salutes provides special recognition and support to patients who are veterans. The program includes:

  • A visit from a volunteer who also is a veteran, which includes presentation of a special lapel pin honoring the patient’s military service.

  • Participation in community events recognizing veterans.

  • Support from staff trained in issues that could emerge at end-of-life, such as post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Testimonials about HOV Salutes

"I was moved toward the end when he was putting on the pin. Families definitely should do this."
–Cynthia Harris Smith, daughter of patient and veteran Sebron Charles.

"I have met some absolutely incredible people. I’m very honored and blessed to be doing this."
–Tom Fenner, HOV’s community and military liaison and also a veteran. 

To learn more about the HOV Salutes program, call 602.530.6900.