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New York, New York

One of Mary deGuzman’s greatest joys as a social worker is to help others realize their lives are not over because they have signed on to hospice. She recently made that happen for her patient James Rickell, 83. He wanted very much to travel to New York with his wife, Delores, to see Lady Liberty and a bit of the city.

Mary told him about the Dream Foundation and got the trip arranged, but not everything was covered.

She got cab vouchers for the trip to and from the airport, and enlisted her colleagues to donate team funds for James to surprise his wife with a carriage ride around Central Park.

The Rickells were able to see the Statue of Liberty. They spoke of how much they enjoyed the trip, and how kind, friendly and helpful people were. They were treated especially well by the hotel staff on a day that James needed to spend much of the time in their room, with flowers, treats and rose petals… a lovely time. It is so true, what Mary and all of us believe: it is all about quality of life. How lucky are we to be able to be part of this!