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Vehicle Donation FAQs

Will Hospice of the Valley accept a vehicle—whether it’s running or not?

We are grateful for any donated vehicle in any condition.

Does Hospice of the Valley pick up and sell donated vehicles?

To comply with IRS regulations, Hospice of the Valley works with Dealer’s Auto Auction of the Southwest, which will tow, clean, and auction vehicles to everyone from retailers to scrap iron dealers. Please note that proceeds from sale of your vehicle at auction may not be comparable to other private or commercial resale methods. Fees to Hospice of the Valley are a minimal flat rate, not a percentage of the sale.

What do I need to do to donate my vehicle?

  1. Be the owner of the vehicle with no lien on the title.
  2. Have the vehicle title in your possession. Please sign back of the title - under Transfer of Ownership, exactly as name(s) appear on the front (both seller name printed and seller signature). Do not include any other information on the back (ie. mileage).
  3. Call us at (602) 530-6992 with the following information:
    • Your name, mailing address, and day time phone number
    • The address and business name, if applicable where the vehicle may be picked up.
    • The year, make, model, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), from the vehicle title.
    • A convenient date and time to pick the vehicle up. You do not need to be present—just leave keys with signed and notarized title in the glove box.

What else do I need to do?

  1. Please remove the license plates. If you would like, you may return your license plates to the MVD for a pro-rated refund of the registration.
  2. After the vehicle has been picked up, call your insurance provider to cancel coverage on that vehicle. The vehicle is no longer in your possession and there is no liability or risk to you.

How do I know what my tax deduction is?

After the vehicle is sold, we report the proceeds and complete the required IRS 1098 C form.

We mail you the appropriate copies along with a thank-you letter. HOV forwards the original 1098 C to the IRS, per federal regulations.

Can my vehicle donation be in memory of someone?

Proceeds from the sale of your vehicle can be designated as a memorial donation. Please provide this info on the pickup form or inform our donations staff. A letter acknowledging your donation will be sent to the family member you request.

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