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Partners That Heal

Watch the magic spark when actors with the Phoenix Theatre’s Partners That Heal troupe visit Hospice of the Valley’s Dementia Care and Education Campus.  These talented improv performers skillfully engage both preschoolers in our Child Center and people in our Adult Day program who are living with dementia—and a marvelous time was had by all!

Baby Grand Brings Joy to People with Dementia

A loving husband honors his wife’s legacy with a special gift that brings happiness to patients, families, visitors and staff at our Dementia Care and Education Campus.

Legacy Corps Volunteers brighten lives of military families

Veteran Larry Lambert loves to spend time with Legacy Corps volunteer Meredith Bartlett every day.  The national program matches volunteers with families receiving care from Hospice of the Valley, providing companionship to patients and respite for their caregivers.

Sweet Adelines sing to Shirley A. Myers

Thanks to some talented singers with the Sweet Adelines Chorus, one of our social workers wanted to make the holidays extra special for one of her patients who is living with dementia. Their gift of music is a memory they will all treasure forever!

Honoring our Military Veterans

Ron Garner salutes Kenneth Hamrick this Fourth of July. We draw inspiration from a Salutes visit on our patient's 89th birthday to honor his military service during the Korean War. Our deepest appreciation to each of our veteran patients and volunteers who fought for our freedom and peace.

Hospice heroes

During this pandemic, our care teams have been a ray of sunshine to thousands of lonely patients and anxious caregivers. Gloved, masked or wearing personal protective equipment, they have steadfastly provided round-the-clock tenderness and compassion. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their inspiring grace and courage.

Community Partnership Helps Provide Coronavirus Vaccine

Hospice of the Valley is so grateful to partner with Maricopa County Public Health to administer COVID-19 vaccines to our frontline workers and volunteers who make companionship visits to our patients and families.

Man with dementia shares beloved photographs

Roger Mitchell turned his love of nature photography into a gift, donating a collection of his beautiful images to Hospice of the Valley for the enjoyment of patients and families.

The Luck of the Irish on St. Patty’s Day

Hospice of the Valley patient Eamon Treanor may have dementia, but it doesn’t diminish his desire to see his hometown in Ireland one last time. See how his awesome social worker, Callie Dettinger, teamed up with the Flight to Remember Foundation to make that dream come true.

Arizona Cardinals Surprise Superfan

At HOV, we love to make patients’ dreams come true. Social worker Katie Cozby worked with the Arizona Cardinals to surprise superfan Boyce Martinet and the hometown team made it happen, even during a pandemic!

Saluting Our Veterans

What a privilege to honor our veteran patient Ronald League for his service and sacrifice to country. This touching tribute visit provided by Hospice of the Valley volunteer Larry Petrowsky elicited tears of happiness from all who were present.

Flying High

We love to make our patients’ dreams come true! See how our social worker Andrea worked with Dream Catchers and SkyWest Airlines to give Ron Davis a flight to remember!

Opal's 100th Birthday

Happy 100th birthday, Opal! Hospice of the Valley partnered with Greenway Home Care to grant our sweet patient’s wish for a luau-themed party. Nurses and social workers organized an epic drive-by parade to wish Opal well. Even the Phoenix Fire Department brought an engine to honor this beautiful centenarian!

Health Care Decisions

One of the most loving things you can do, is make health care decisions about end of life while you are still healthy. Discussing your living will and advance directives with loved ones will ensure you get the care you want, and give your family peace of mind.

D-Day veteran receives HOV Salutes

D-Day veteran, Chester Dorr, receives HOV Salutes on 75th D-Day anniversary

A Heart for Volunteering

Our beloved Susan Rose bids farewell after 42 years of dedicated service to patients and families.

99-year old professional woman baseball player reminisces

Helen Nicol pitched in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1943 to 1952. The plucky 99-year old shares some special memories of the game she still loves with all her heart.

Young Patient Meets His Hero

Parker’s love for the game of basketball made him a huge fan of Nico Mannion, the top-rated point guard at Pinnacle High School. See how our social worker and a Hospice of the Valley volunteer pulled off a surprise meeting that included the whole basketball team! It was an inspirational experience that none of the boys will ever forget.

Pet Therapists Bring Cheer to Patients

Our pet therapy teams know how to turn a lonely day upside down. Holly and Callie love bringing cheer to patients like sweet Vicki—but it's hard to know who loves these visits more!

Native Americans Embrace Music Therapy

Music is an intrinsic part of healing in Native American cultures—calming body, mind and spirit. See how our music therapy program is helping patients and their families relax, reduce stress and heal at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center.

Interactive Pets bring Joy

Buddy was losing interest in the world around him, until a battery-powered puppy came into his life. See how Hospice of the Valley uses these special interactive pets to bring joy and comfort to patients with dementia.

Slow Art + Mindfulness at Phoenix Art Museum

Hospice of the Valley and the Phoenix Art Museum are promoting community wellness with no-cost mindfulness meditation classes each Thursday at noon. Whether it’s outside in the courtyard, or inside during summer months in front of a lovely work of art—all are invited to practice living in the present. Join us and feel the stress melt away.

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ASU Course Changes Lives of Students and Families Living with Dementia

Hospice of the Valley is helping to educate the next generation of hospice, palliative and dementia care professionals with courses at ASU. See how perceptions are transformed, when students engage with our patients living with dementia and learn how to support family caregivers.

The Gift of Song

Music speaks to all of us. A familiar melody can evoke powerful memories that sweep away pain and sadness—and bring a sense of peace and comfort. Hear how two of our nursing assistants bless our patients and families with their beautiful voices.

One Couple's Journey

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging—physically and emotionally. June deeply loves her husband, but this candid interview also reveals the sadness, isolation—and at times anger—she experiences watching parts of him slip away. Our Palliative Care for Dementia program helps her understand this long journey and how to care for herself, as well as her beloved Les, making every moment matter.

Hospice is Hope

Compassionate care helps patients and families feel supported during every stage of the hospice journey—to live every moment.

Phoenix Symphony visits Gardiner Home

“Music is the soul of language.” When dementia clouds a person’s ability to communicate, music makes a connection. Watch souls stir in this video of Phoenix Symphony musicians playing for dementia patients at Hospice of the Valley’s Gardiner Home. Musicians visit once a month, thanks to a donation from Hospice of the Valley volunteer John Radway, who cared for his wife Claire through a decade of dementia until her death. The Radways loved classical music—and so do our patients!

When Hospice Care is Needed for Newborn Babies

Maricela and Derrick were excited to learn they were expecting their third child, but an ultrasound showed a life-limiting condition. They turned to our perinatal program for support and were able to achieve their dream of a “home birth” to welcome their son Rafael with warmth and love.

Inga's Artistic Comeback

Lively and cheerful at 93, Inga often reminisced about being an artist in her younger years. Hospice of the Valley nurse Cheryl Haynes could tell that passion still lived inside her—all she needed was some encouragement and inspiration. One look at the adorable pooch on the cover of our Pet Therapy calendar, and Inga picked up her pen and started sketching. Now she’s on a roll, producing 2 to 3 drawings a week. Meet a real dynamo who is one of the many faces of Hospice of the Valley.

Tressi’s Magical Train Ride

When Hospice of the Valley social worker Erin Butler learned that that her 103 year old patient regretted never riding on a train… Erin wanted to make that dream come true. She contacted Valley Metro light rail with a brilliant idea—why not take our patient on a virtual train ride? Valley Metro created a video from Tressi’s point of view… as if she were buying a ticket, looking out the window and greeting other people on the train. Tressi watched the adventure on a laptop—wonder written all over her face. And this is a trip she can experience over and over again with the click of a mouse.

Quiet Moments

Every dementia patient is unique and finding out what will most enrich each individual—is what our Quiet Moments program is all about. Our goal is to find the key that will unlock someone’s mind and heart—and usher in a little warmth, light and happiness.