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Legacy Luncheon Welcomes Laura Bush to Phoenix

The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute and Hospice of the Valley, presented the inaugural Legacy Luncheon honoring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on April 25th at the Arizona Biltmore. Laura Bush, former First Lady of the United States, was the featured speaker.

Co-Chaired by Gena Bonsall and Penny Gunning, the Legacy Luncheon was created by the Ladies of the Court, the Women’s Board of the Sandra Day O’Connor Institute. The luncheon was attended by a sell-out audience of 665 guests and raised over $400,000 to benefit the O’Connor Institute programs and Hospice of the Valley’s Dementia Care and Education Campus.

Ladies of the Court
Women's Board of the Sandra Day O'Connor Institute

Gena Bonsall, Laura Bush, Penny Gunning

Laura Bush, Bert Getz

Parlor conversation with Lin Sue Cooney

Gena Bonsall, Peter Hayes, Sarah Suggs

Debbie Shumway, Paul Penzone, Laura Bush, Gov. Doug Ducey

Debbie Shumway, Susan Levine, Lin Sue Cooney

Dr. John Eckstein

Jan Lewis, Janis Lyon, Ina Manaster

Adrienne Schiffner, Lisa Kahn, Eileen Yeung

Penny Gunning, Gov. Doug Ducey, Gena Bonsall

Bert Getz, Laura Bush

Billie Jo & Judd Herberger

Debbie Moak, Seth Leibsohn, Ellen & Bob Uhl

Kate Gallego, Barbara Rastla

Billie Jo Herberger & Vicki Vaughn

Katie Lavidge, Julie Lavidge, Cheri Schoch, Kolby Moffatt, Christine Watson

Margie Burke, Connie Perez

Margie Burke, Teresa Dunaway, Michelle Robinson, Marjorie Ochsner

Mary Birdoes, Sarah Wilson

Mary Reagan, Joellen Feltham, Judy Nelson

Susan Rauhoff, Jennifer Moenich, Rick Erickson, Dawn Erickson, Desiree Coats